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Why Foundation Chiropractic and Wellness?


Our Mission:

To improve the quality of life through patient-centered,  full-spine chiropractic  adjustments,  joint rehab,  and soft tissue care.

Our Vision:

To empower children, adults, and athletes to become pain-free and strong.


Dr. Tushar Rawalji, DC is a Licensed Chiropractor operating in Naperville, Illinois. He was born in India and at a young age emigrated to southern California, and later raised in the Chicagoland area.  He always had a passion for natural healing and that passion led him to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from The University of Illinois at Chicago.   Following completion, he pursued a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, graduating from the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL.  While in school, he was a certified personal trainer, working with people to craft their health goals around current health challenges they were facing.


Dr. T has worked with some of the largest Chiropractic companies in Illinois over the past 14 years. During his tenure, Dr. T noticed that some patients had to sign up for long treatment plans. Some also had to pay thousands of dollars to get the care they needed. To him, that style of Chiropractic was not the future. Thus, he founded Foundation Chiropractic and Wellness with the goal of providing high-quality, effective care with integrity.  He firmly believes his patients play an active role in their road to recovery. Honesty is the foundation of his practice.


In his free time, Dr. T spends his time with his 3 daughters and wife.  He promotes an active lifestyle with his family and enjoys all types of workouts from boot camp classes, kettlebell workouts, yoga, and hikes. 




Kaitlyn Backe is currently a Sophomore at the College of DuPage studying marketing communications aspiring to double minor in business and sociology.  

​She spent her first semester of college at the University of Missouri but due to a variety of changes including the effects of COVID-19 and reconsideration of finances, she chose to transfer to her local community college, where she is currently studying and plans to complete her Associate Degree this spring. She is a straight A student earning a spot on the Dean's List at the University of Missouri and holding an Academic Honors position for all three of her semesters at the College of DuPage.

She enjoys writing and challenging herself by consistently taking on new opportunities. She prides herself on her diverse portfolio which includes her first job as a stable cleaner and her current positions as a marketing intern, nanny, and café manager. She finds that she works best when she is busy and is honored to have proven her work ethic through a variety of leadership positions including Student Council Executive President and award-winning Yearbook Editor. She looks forward to the opportunities to come and is always looking to add to her network.

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We like to think our office is where people hang out and get better. Let's build a positive and fun relationship.


Just remember that the care and advice you receive is because we lead from the front and set the standard in our office.


We are all in this together.  It took time to get to the state of health you are in and it will take time to get it better.


We are 100% committed to your goals and if that means finding other professionals to help, we will do that.

The world is changing and we continue to find the best practices to get you better.